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Keyword search through text DB fields

[eluser]Daniel H[/eluser]
Hmm yeah maybe I just worry about reconciling the tables. Do you use a trigger to keep the two in sync?

Well, from personal experience I can highly recomend .

Full indexing, searching, file based. Uses segments and the like during indexing. If you don't mind dropping in a small piece of the Zend framework on top of CI, have at it. It has no dependencies on any other part of the framework so can be ran as a standalone.

My only issue with the entire setup is that you can't update documents; however you can delete then re-create it. So a tiny bit of an inconvenience, but well worth troubling with. Also it has a maximum segment size of 2GB if you are on a 32 bit system (this is a limitation of the file system, not lucene)

@Daniel Yep, that's how I addressed that concern, no way I'd want to do that manually in my code.

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