Working Modularly with codeigniter

Hi, i have recently been introduced to the modular method of codeigniter development by Eliot Haughin's third screencast. I love that way of working and want to do that myself.
However i have been unable to setup codeigniter to work this way, and Eliot did not go into detail about how it was done. I have tried installing some of the packages out there to do just this, but to no avail.

Could somebody please give me a rundown of how to do this?

Much appreciated
-J Mare

I will go over that in one of my future tutorials. Maybe someone can explain it to you right now though Smile

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
I prefer the idea of "hooks" or "events" that modular components can react to. I've slowly worked on and off creating a basic library for such a system, but it isn't really solid. Basically, you can break your app down into a number of "events" and broadcast these events for other components to respond to. "Event listeners" or "hook implementations" or "decorators" (whatever metaphor you prefer) typically alter an object they have a reference to or return instructions for the core system.

stuffradio, a write up of this topic would be great.

Thanks for your reply's guys, but i'm not sure i quite get what you mean Colin.
basicly i want to have a structure like:
application section name>

-J Mare

Check out: Modular Extensions: HMVC

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
I strongly recommend the use of Matchbox for simple modular architecture. It may not be as advanced as HMVC but it works a treat and feels like a natural extension of CI.

Another bonus is you can trust Zack. I've worked with him a lot in the past and he is always quick to keep this updated. Spot a bug? Tell him, it will work fine 2 days later.

HMVC and Matchbox both give you a modular structure for your files.

But only HMVC will let you take the next natural step into true modularity and allow you to call modules from other modules without a trip out through http protocol again.


[quote author="thepyromaniac" date="1220898818"] Spot a bug? Tell him, it will work fine 2 days later.[/quote]

Tell me about an issue with ME and you will get an fix within a few hours. :lol:

I like Zach and admire his contributions to CI, but to be honest, Matchbox is slow.

Modular Extensions is so close to raw CI in speed its not funny.

You would be wise to try both and decide for yourself.

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
Quote:basicly i want to have a structure like

Modular structure and modular functionality are two different things. Modular functionality typically relies on a modular structure, but a modular structure doesn't automatically create modular functionality.

Thanks a lot for your replies!
My computer is being re-imaged by the school tech center at the moment, but when it is done tomorrow i will reinstall Apache and try both systems.

I'm not sure what you mean by modular functionality... Could you please explain.

-J Mare

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