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The one thing in Dreamweaver I really miss is proper bracket highlighting for PHP. I find php support in general lacking with Dreamweaver CS3, that's why I switched to a combination of e texteditor and Aptana IDE (totally new to aptana though, haven't really worked much with it).

I've always been a huge fan of DW's ftp support though, so if they'd fix it, I'd probably go back to it.

I'm just trying out Eclipse. So far, no complaints at all...I've only been using Dreamweaver to format huge chunks of HTML text from word docs for the past few days. Smile

I'm using E text editor for Windows, they say it's there version of TextMate for windows. :coolsmile:

[eluser]The Wizard[/eluser]
I switched to e.

SciTE has the best highlighting and least app clutter I found for simple edits like though a GUI SFTP connection or a single file (loads faster than notepad) - but I also vote for PDT/Eclipse for general editing. If anyone wants to see how to install PDT and XAMPP on a USB drive I have a video about it.

I like netbeans really nice IDE for php can use on win,mac and linx.


Is net beans providing support for code igniter ??? i mean feature like auto complete...etc. Coz i have used netbeans n its good for Java dev more than php...for php i still use notepad++

for CI helper functions its giving its is giving auto complete, also giving for php. and for object first level its giving auto complete like $this->load but after that its not giving that much support. for php functions its giving good support also showing documentation for the function. try it you will get more.

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