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[eluser]Tai Sheppard[/eluser]
Great thanks -- I'll take a look at both of those.

Appreciate the input.


Tai, I second Textmate too, but you might also want to have a look at Coda

Nice coding.

[quote author="Colin Williams" date="1221354784"]Derek uses Textmate for Mac. I use Eclipse (PHPclipse), and have yet to find anything better, personally.[/quote]

Must say Aptana's got me more convinced. If I need a mere text editor, I'll use E.

@Tai Sheppard - leopard (probably tiger too) has a migrate app thingy so you would get your new macbook pro and connect it to the G4 and it will migrate everything over for you.

Nice and easy.

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
Notepad++ for the win.

I too am looking for a good editor, preferable on the cheap. I use a PhpED and it works ok, but if I find something cheaper (200+ dollars for the license and no free upgrades to new versions), I'll do it.

e text looks ok, but doesn't seem to support sftp, just ftp. (sftp is a must)

I like textmate, but I don't own a mac and don't want to pay 1500 for a laptop.

Phpclipse is ok, but again no sftp.

I would like something that has native SVN or CVS support for working in groups but I don't know of anything.

TextMate has a CodeIgniter Bundle that can speed things up for you....nifty Wink

Komodo Edit is also a good cross platform editor. There's a commercial version(Komodo IDE) that adds debugging. Available from www.activestate.com

[eluser]Jake Grice[/eluser]
TextMate IS amazing. Many Google developers use TextMate on Mac.

I have a Mac Leopard but it has a GTX 280 video card and they won't have support for that until Snow Leopard. So I can't run with QE & CI (not the CI we talk about here, CI as in Core Image).

So I'm using Vista for now.

Personally, I haven't found anything better than Dreamweaver, although I'll admit I haven't really been looking. In 1996/1997 I used Front Page Express (oh god). It wasn't long until I found Dreamweaver in its (maybe) early days. I've been with Dreamweaver every since, and if you use the SITES feature, it's simply amazing. You can edit files with ease, and then just hit CTRL+SHIFT+U (or CMD+SHIFT+U) to upload it. It'll warn you if the file on the remote server has changed since your last upload, so you can't accidentally overwrite any changes when working with other people.

Not to mention Dreamweaver CS3 has a lot of added support for CSS and whatnot.

I used the Beta of Dreamweaver CS4...It has some sexy new features that I can't wait to use.

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