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Package Location

[eluser]Tai Sheppard[/eluser]
Hey All,

Man this is fun ... I'm just loving playing with this and learning all it can do.

I have a question that i think I know the answer to, but I thought I would pose it to see if I'm right.

In looking at this framework it would seem that basically everything, or at least most of your entire site could be located above the doc root of your site. Since the controllers call everything based on a pre-determined location set in the config, would it be possible, or even a good idea (for security sake) to move the entirety of the framework above the doc root?

It would be luscious to have nothing in the doc root but an index.php and .htaccess file. :coolsmile:

If not please advise me on where I'm misinterpreting the framework.

Thanks a bunch.


Welcome to CI forums Tai,

You're learning fast, Yes you can relocate the CI system directory above docroot.

The index.php file allows absolute or relative locations for `system` and `application` directories.

Trust your intuition and try things.

[eluser]Tai Sheppard[/eluser]

Ok one more question and I'll buzz off for a bit.

If one were to NOT use some of the files and libraries included, could one remove them, or are they all tied together somehow?

Thanks a bunch.


There is a core set of libraries required by CI to operate, beyond that it's entirely up to you.

Examine system/codeigniter/codeigniter.php for references to those.

Good Luck.

[eluser]Tai Sheppard[/eluser]

Thanks so much.


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