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using codeigniter components

Is it possible to use Code Igniter components in a third party app? I am asking because I need a solid Session manager and the code igniter session manager seems like it works great... but I don't want to rewrite my whole app in code igniter.

can u explain what u mean ?

ok... I thought I was being clear... I don't want to rewrite my application using the code igniter MVC model but I would like to use select components from the framework... is that possible? I could figure it out myself... but I don't want to spend a day trying to learn the whole logical structure of codeigniter... can I just use the session classes?

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Modt of the libraries CI uses are just PHP classes but sessions is more reliant on your CI instance that others. It makes a call to the instance so it can use cookies, encryption and active record calls.

You could use the Sessions.php library as inspiration and go through replacing every $this->input->cookie with $_COOKIE and putting in your own database calls.

Thanks for the reply. Smile I ended up writing my own yesterday.

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