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Disallowed Key Characters.


(206)    function _clean_input_keys($str)
         if ( ! preg_match("/^[a-z0-9:_\/-]+$/i", $str))
            exit('Disallowed Key Characters.');

        return $str;



Fix it, or burn in hell!

Hello gox, what opera version you are using ?
i havent try to use Opera in browsing my CI project.

Is this a bug in CI?

newest opera, from yesterday


it is CI bug ;p

But it isn't a browser problem, simply CI bug...
there is unespected cookie on same domain (localhost) what cause this error.

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Code example please gox. Also, "Fix it, or burn in hell!" is not welcome here, but I'm sure you were joking.

What code stample you want??? there is cookie at loalhost, U can see that on screenshots, nothing else, there is no diffrent how my application code look....

_clean_input_keys() function is called automaticly, and $str string taking data from localhost cookie, finding chars diffrent that a-z0-9:_\/- then die....

Fix it, or burn in hell!
U can take it as a joke, or really burn in hell as well Smile

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
You haven't even explained what you think the problem is, or how to recreate it. Sorry for being dense, but you'll need to walk me through this. Can you give me a simple example controller that I can run in Opera 9.52 that will recreate this please?

Also, it'd be helpful if you could tell me what you expect to happen, vs what is actually happening.

OMG, it's so simple bro....

This isn't browser or my script problem, i'll try to explain problem in simplest, ungrammatik english words that i even learn Tongue

On first screenshot you can see Error Msg. generated by CI.

I run TotalCommander, to find function generating error, and success, line 206 in Input.php lib.

I put simple var_dump($str);exit; command, to figure out the problem, u can see it in my first post between first and second screenshot..

var_dump($str);exit; print string visible on second screenshot...

On third screenshost U can see cookies that actually cause problem.

OK, if you want so bad some Controller Sample here you go.....:

class Sample extends Controller {

function index() {
   echo '';



[Mod edit: removed expletives]

[eluser]Derek Jones[/eluser]
The other cookie is to blame, this is not a bug, this is intentional. Grow up or get lost.

I'am grov and even up.
The fact is, if there is any cookie on same domain with disalowed chars, then website are unavavailbe, pain ha?

[eluser]Derek Jones[/eluser]
This protects your CI application from potential security problems. Yes, it's a pain if you encounter it, but your anger is misplaced - you should be looking at the script that created those horrific cookie keys, and thank CI for halting to bring it to your attention. In any case, we do not tolerate the attitude or the language you chose to use, it's not only immature, but it's incredibly unprofessional; nobody thinks it's cute, and you can consider this your only warning.

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