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MeNeedz Auth

[eluser]charlie spider[/eluser]
great library anyways

i will throw something together tomorrow and email it to you if you like.
i'm sure you will write something better than anything i come up with, but if my code helps you out then great

thanks again

Feel free to contribute!

If you come up with something, just send it to me.

In the login side, you can select a checkbox for the remember me side of things. Can I use a combobox instead? (Having a bit of a brain fart I think!)

Combobox meaning a yes/no select? Sure...just have it return 1/0 as value, that should work.

Yea done, stupid me...

I've followed the guide, and put files where they need to go ... but I get blank pages.
Actually, login, logout, register are just blank pages however, access_test ... says "not ok".
I get no CI errors... do you have any ideas why this would be?


Have you actually put the example content in the view files?
Do URLs to other controllers work?

Hello and thanks for this library!
I knew it already but I actually never tried it, and now that I did it... I'm impressed! Big Grin

One missing thing is a login attempts counter, maybe using userdata since cookies can be deleted.
I'd also abstract the ACL part to another library.

What do you think?

Thanks again!

Awesome library!!!
a port she to use PDO:Confusedqlite3
* In Auth library replace
$password_hash = $this->encryption_method."(concat(".str_replace("%password%", $this->CI->db->escape($user_password), str_replace("%salt%", $user_database_config['user_salt_column'], str_replace(".", ", ", $this->encryption_order)))."))";
$password_hash = $this->encryption_method."(".str_replace("%password%", $this->CI->db->escape($user_password), str_replace("%salt%", $user_database_config['user_salt_column'], str_replace(".", " || ", $this->encryption_order))).")";/* Use native SQL concat */

* In Sqlite_driver
in begining of function db_select()
add rows
@$this->conn_id->sqliteCreateFunction('md5', 'md5', 1);
@$this->conn_id->sqliteCreateFunction('sha1', 'sha1', 1);
@$this->conn_id->sqliteCreateFunction('sha', 'sha1', 1);/*Not cool*/

Glad you like it Smile

I'm not really working on this anymore, but maybe I'll incorporate your additions and release a final version. I don't if I'll have the time to make a new ACL library, but we'll see...don't expect much too soon Wink

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