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Validation errors not showing

Hi, I'm using the Validation class from CI 1.7, everything's working fine on the production site, but on the online version, it won't show any error messages.

The routes are fine and I can log into the script if I provide the right credentials. I tried changing the uri_protocol values in the config file with no success.

I don't post the script because it's a pretty simple one, but I will if needed.
Has anyone stumbled upon a similar problem? Any ideas? I just don't know where to start looking for the error. Thanks!

EDIT: I've realized the online version won't let me login at all (using the right credentials) and it definitely doesn't pass $this->validation->run()

would you please post your code?


function ingresar()
    if ($this->redux_auth->logged_in())
    global $destination;
    $rules['email'] = 'required';
    $rules['password'] = 'required';
    $fields['email'] = $this->lang->line('email');
    $fields['password'] = $this->lang->line('password');
    if ($this->validation->run() == TRUE)
        $this->_login($this->input->post('email'), $this->input->post('password'));
        $this->parser->parse('login', $destination);

As you can see, I'm also using the redux_auth library. The function go_home() it's just a custom helper using CI redirect() and _login() actually validates the input against the db using the correspondent "users" Model.

The "login" View contains the form that POSTs to this function ('ingresar' routing to 'main/ingresar'), and a custom extended Parser library adds top and bottom Views, including $CI->validation->error_string (after $CI =& get_instance() of course).

As I said, this works flawlessly in the local version but it just doesn't show the error messages online.

I've realized the online version won't let me login at all (using the right credentials) and it definitely doesn't pass $this->validation->run()

Wow! I think I finally solved this one, but it's a really odd solution.

First of all, after some testing, I found that the values from the form where not even POSTed to the Controller (at least not accesible with $this->input->post()), but if I created a new function and target my forms to it, the values would show up.

So I changed the Route from
$route['ingresar'] = "main/ingresar";
$route['do_ingresar'] = "main/ingresar";

..then I did the corresponding change in the View, from
echo form_open('ingresar');
echo form_open('do_ingresar');

That's it! However if I change 'do_ingresar' to some other values, It *might* go back to the original issue, like with 'iniciar_sesion' or 'inicio', but not with other words like 'asd' or 'testing'. Know how do you explain that language-nazi (kidding) uri routing?

I checked for the troublesome names to be duplicated somewhere, but no. Really creepy, I don't even know if this is a bug in CI or what, I checked it on several browsers and machines (in case it had to do with the cache of redirects) but it's the same in all.

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