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Mauth: Auth library? Release or not to release...

Wow... its been a long time.

I would like to apologize to all interested parties for not releasing this library when I said I would. I have been busy with school and other projects and haven't had the time to perfect this library.

I still plan on releasing this software and I am very close to doing so; However I have some questions for you developers....

First, how important is it that an Auth library use native CI sessions? At the moment I have mimicked CI sessions in my library so the session is actually stored in the library. It would take a large code-rewrite in order to get native sessions working, and i'm wondering if it would be be beneficial to do it that way instead.

Second, my library/ base application uses some tricks to load at the proper times. My solution includes two controllers, users & auth, which give a great starting point for user management. These controllers extend a new Mauth_Controller which basically loads the correct Auth libraries and functions at the correct times, and provides a display function for printing the page.

I have realized that this might not be ideal for some people who have their own templating and display methods and grasping my way of doing things might have some overhead, which is another reason for putting off the release.

I am in the process of writing documentation, and finalizing the first release. You can check out the website and leave some feedback here. A post will be made here for notifications and a new thread will be created once the site is completely finished.

Mauth Authentification and User Management Library


are their any news concerning this module?

i have installed it from SVN
but cannot get it working Sad

There are some steps you need to do in order to install it properly. Documentation needs to be updated.

basically... upload files into application directory

configure hooks, database, subclassing...

go to example.com/index.php/install/

follow installation instructions and then create admin account.

Yes I've guessed it (software install is quite intuitive without docs)
but when trying to login it says:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function ul() in /usr/home/korkamd/public_html/taxelogy/admin/system/application/views/includes/header.php on line 14

try auto-loading the html helper... i forgot I changed that in my latest version.

it shouldn't be needed but I forget where I used it...

thank you
auto-loading html helped
login worked
now it's trying to include Mauth/welcome from views
but there is no such file there

The welcome page is really just a demo page... you should really check out the users controller and possibly the home controller source for examples on how to get mauth running on a project.

the users page would be:


I'm working on the Documentation pages at the moment. Once those are done i'll package it up and release it.

That would be fantastic

concerning welcome page:
i was speaking about home controller
there, if i am not wrong
it takes template from Mauth/welcome.php
( $this->template->write_view('content', 'Mauth/welcome', $this->data)Wink

but there is no such template in views

Thanks Gurik...

I've updated the repository and added the welcome file to the source. Really it doesn't do much except display some text.

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