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PHP 4 & PHP5

Hi folks,

I was hired by a company which wants that I implement a webmail-client ( written in php5 ) into CodeIgniter and as far as I know CodeIgniter is a PHP4 Framework so ... would this application have a lots of errors or will it just be difficult to implement it ... well if it's not possible we need to develop our own webmail client or to implement another one Smile

kind regards - donkey_

CodeIgniter is compatible with both PHP4 & 5, I've dropped PHP4 support in my own applications some time ago so PHP5 only is no problem at all with CI.


Our hosting provider has PHP 4.4.2.
In my local machine I have installed PHP5, and developed web site works fine, but when I uploaded it to remote, it just doesn't work. Only white screen without any error messages or notifications.
Default controller has code

class home extends Controller {

    function home()

    function index()
View home1 is plain html.
And problem occur exactly when codeigniter trying to load this view. I think so, because when I replase it for
echo "home";
it works.

config.php is setted up.

What's wrong? Please help.

You've probably used short tags:

and need to set CodeIgniter up to use the, via your config.php file.

And class names are expected by CI to have a capital letter up front.

Sorry for my late reply, problem was solved. And it was in access rights to cgi-bin folder. after I changed it, it works properly!

Thanks to every body!

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