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Form_validation class fails to locate rule-sets for certain URIs

In 1.7.0 the Form_validation::run() method will fail to match rule-sets within the config/form_validation.php if the routed URI has a third segment. The matching function merely does a trim($uri, '/'); to check if the uri matches a key in the $config array.

// Is there a validation rule for the particular URI being accessed?
$uri = ($group == '') ? trim($this->CI->uri->ruri_string(), '/') : $group;
if ($uri != '' AND isset($this->_config_rules[$uri]))
// We're we able to set the rules correctly?
if (count($this->_field_data) == 0)
  log_message('debug', "Unable to find validation rules");
  return FALSE;

The above code (which is taken from the 1.7.0 source) will fail to match a rule identified by: 'controller/method' when the uri has a third segment. Example: 'http://www.example.com/controller/method/:num'

Perhaps that line ought to be:

// Is there a validation rule for the particular URI being accessed?
$uri = ($group == '') ? $this->CI->uri->rsegment(1) . '/' .$this->CI->uri->rsegment(2) : $group;

I put the proposed line in place of the 1.7.0 line and tested it across a site that makes extensive use of the Form_validation class and it seems to work reliably. I'd be interested if anyone else would be willing to test it out before it is committed to the version control. Smile

I realized same problem when I try to have Form_validation class find validation rules set in config file.
It doesn't recognize validation rules set which is named correctly('controller'/'function') because of 3rd segment in the URI.

I modified CI_Form_validation class(line: 296) in my server with same way as Sholdinger.
My application uses bunch of form validation rules too. I'll keep testing the this fix.

Thanks Sholdinger,
BTW, I like your signature. keep doing try and error until success!

Bump. I just ran across this problem, in version 1.7.1.

It seems like the third uri segment will be commonly used (for example to specify a database record) in the very functions that you are most likely to use form_validation on.

It's easy enough to just specify the rule group explicitly by calling form_validation->run('some_rule_group') but when the User's Guide specifies the automatic method:

Quote:When a rule group is named identically to a controller class/function it will be used automatically when the run() function is invoked from that class/function.

it's a pain to have to track down why it doesn't work as expected. The fix seems straight forward enough to include in the next release.

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