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Lost Session - Subdomain

[eluser]CI Mario[/eluser]
I hope this is the right forum for my question, my sincere apologize if I am in the wrong place.

I have a sub domain hosted with godaddy and have a full CI running on the main domain and as well on the sub domain.

When I run the app in the sub domain the session is getting lost.

my curretn settings are:

I am not running an .htaccess
$config['uri_protocol'] = "QUERY_STRING";
$config['index_page'] = "index.php?";

Would appriciate if anyone can help me with this. It seems that a lot of problems hosting with godaddy, or maybe it is my lack of the understanding the requirements.


[eluser]Sarfaraz Momin[/eluser]
if you are running the same CI on the main as well as subdomain then you can try the config below and it should definately help.

$config['cookie_domain']    = ".domain.com";
$config['cookie_path']        = "/";

Have a good day !!!

[eluser]CI Mario[/eluser]
Thanks for your reply.

I am running a CI in both the main and the sub-domain.

Should I still make the changes but refer to the sub-domain?


[eluser]Sarfaraz Momin[/eluser]
Yes make the changes and I am sure it works becuz it worked for me. I have a wildcard subdomain setup with uses the same CI to just pull info for subdomains.

I hope it makes sense.

[eluser]CI Mario[/eluser]
Can you kindly explain what you mean by have a wildcard subdomain. Is this something that I need to change from my host control panel?

Sorry to drag this .............

[eluser]CI Mario[/eluser]
As well, I just noticed that all my redirect() are not working. Could this be a Hosting server issue (GODADDY)?

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