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White Space Before OutPut -- Not BOM - Not Before or After PHP TABS


Im having an issue that is kiiiillliiinnnggggg meee

Only In Firefox this is happing and not in IE7 Strange Right???
IE is usually the nightmare browser..

Any way im getting a nice amount of white space at the beginning of
any output from CI.. I load a main template file and in IE the
<doc type> is snug against the first line .. in fire fox there
looks like a tab is before the <doc type> screwing up my XML AJAX

I looked into BOM - thats not it
I looked into all LIB and CONF files with space after the end PHP tag - thats not it
I checked my DreamWeavers encoding thats not it
I tried all trim function before output thats not it

I dont know man.. would there be anything in CI that is adding this
space.. because I use load->view for everything and echo for Ajax output

Please help


You're best course of action would be to first, create a very simply view, and just output that. If you don't get a problem, then it's probably the first view that's loaded that's causing the problem. If the problem is still there, I'd recommend you run through all of your files, and remove the closing ?&gt; tags as per the [url="http://ellislab.com/codeigniter/user-guide/general/styleguide.html#php_closing_tag"]CodeIgniter PHP Style Guide[/url.

Love your avatar.. lol

Anyway yes i found the problem! It was my fault and there was whitespace but it was in like
an model that i would have never even though to look.. Basiclly i was looking for whitespace
after the ending ?&gt; I didnt realize there was a tab after it!!! Basterd...

You know they build these complex browsers that do all soughts of magical shit and
you think they would friggin trim the whitespace.. IE does apparently.. who whould of
thought eh?


[quote author="smatakajr" date="1235079860"]Love your avatar.. lol[/quote]

Love your signature. Big Grin

[quote author="smatakajr" date="1235079860"]...you think they would friggin trim the whitespace.. IE does apparently.. who whould of
thought eh?[/quote]

Quite, but isn't the whole nature of IE? To do things you didn't expect it to do? I never expected it to add a heap of padding and margin to my elements, but it did anyway. Hehe.

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