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rss feeds by search term

Hi All,

I am looking for a way to implement rss feed by search term but haven't been successful.
e.g. if I am looking for a job that matches "PHP CI".
I want to be able to assemble the matches for 'PHP CI' from different rss feeds from different job sites.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Hi. That doesn't make sense to me. To my knowledge, and RSS feed is an RSS feed. The user can use their client to search if they wanted to, but I wouldn't imagine they'd keep changing the URL to utilize the search. Well, I say that, but what I mean is that I know I wouldn't.

To make this happen you have to create code to fetch the feeds from the job sites and then you have to run all search terms for all the rss's your site provides in search for matches in the last updated entries. If a match is found the rss that has the search terms needs to be updated.

That is the global breakdown of what you want to achieve. Good luck Wink

Thanks xwero,
You got my point. I was thinking in that direction but your suggestion is a little be different.
This is what I was thinking:
A user enters a search term
My code should use the search text and run through all the feeds and return all reults that match the term
But my concern is that unless I have a good feed aggregator, it will require different implementation for each feed. Do you know of any feeds agreegator that supports keywords

you could use something like yahoo pipes to mashup the feeds but then is your site depended on their service.

Yes, I tried yahoo pipes but I didn't find any keyword support. Secondly it generates only random generated URL.
I am still open to more ideas.
Somebody somewhere in this group must have done this. I have seen many sites with this functionality.

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