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Google Maps Mashup

I've got a client that wants to search Google Maps for businesses through a mashup on their site like how one searches on maps.google.com. But as far as I can tell from looking through the API documentation, that isn't something one can do. Does anybody happen to know if this is the case or am I overlooking something?

If you have all of the addresses of these businesses, it's certainly possible. If not, I believe the only thing you can do is submit a search to maps.google.com .

I would have thought that if Google can do it, then you can too. I'm not too clued up on the Google Maps API, but does enableGoogleBar() not do what you need?

Google has built a lot of functionality into their own map system, but there's far less available for the API. You really need the address of a location to be able to do anything with the map.

You may also want to take a look at Microsoft's live maps API. I recently played with that and found it to be pretty easy to use. I think I saw a search feature on the maps but I was only playing with pinpointing a specific location so I didn't venture into the advance features of their API.



I just found it. So all of what we're allowed to do with it, I'm not sure yet.

Oh wow. I stand corrected. This documentation has significantly changed since I last looked at it, which wasn't too long ago. It now has local search, google earth integration, reverse geocoding, traffic, and more... this just made my day.

I was perusing Digg just now and came across this-- 20 Useful PHP Components & Tutorials for Everyday Project--which linked to this--PHP Tip: Add Custom Google Search Results to Your Site with PHP. Which is pretty cool!

I have yet to try it out (I'm about to go out for the night) but I read through it and it's a basic, straight forward guide to a (basic) use of Google's AJAX Search API with PHP. The above Local Search + Google Maps uses the AJAX Search API to do it's searching.

I'll post up my CI implementation once I get to it.

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