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I want to allow all URI chars... am I really insane?

[quote author="dtrenz" date="1236046131"]If you are escaping all queries and writing smart code, can you probably get away with turning this off? Yes.[/quote]

Uhm, actually, no. For the many reasons mentioned above. The problem isn't just with SQL injection attacks, it's also to do with how servers handle URI characters.

[quote author="dtrenz" date="1236046906"][quote author="jdfwarrior" date="1236046325"]
Quote:Because if I see, "The URI you submitted has disallowed characters" one more time, I swear I will throw my keyboard through my monitor.

Any advice or insight is welcome. Thanks -d

code better? Smile[/quote]


The issue I'm having is that the former version of a site (not written by me) that I am rebuilding, was done using horribly cryptic URLs containing lots of bad URI chars... but I can't just blackhole any legacy links out there, so I have to let them in so I can redirect them to the nice new pretty CI URLs.

I would never code anything that would put disallowed chars in the URI (except maybe a "+").[/quote]

Was just messin with ya Smile Wasn't implying that your coding sucked and you just decided to buck the system and say "NO! IM NOT DOING THAT!"

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