I am using benchmarking tool to save the response time of my web pages in database.
I have a small question. elapsed_time("execution_starttime","execution_endtime");

Will this elapsed_time() function returns the response time in milliseconds?
If not in which time format it returns like in micro seconds,nano seconds or seconds.

Please help me.

One more thing, will this elapsed_time function return value be equal to yslow component response time of mozilla.How far we can rely that these two provide same response time


I use
and it returns a decimal in the format #.####

This value will always be lower then that of yslow, as elapsed time is the time between receiving the request, and sending the rendered HTML page to the browser
The value with yslow will be when the request was made and when the page is loaded in the browser, so it will be elapsed time + latency * 2

Hey thanks..Can you just say me whether the number format elapsed_time return is milli or micro seconds.
Can you say me how to calculate latency too Smile

Just wanna calculate and check whether my results are correct or wrong

The benchamrking class returns a string using number_format
If you need this in milli/micro seconds, cast it to a float/decimal/double and multiple it by whatever factor you need

The best way to get the latency is to ping your server, to get anything more accurate then that is more effor then its worth IMHO

thank you so muchSmile

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