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Application framework

I'm new at this forum and I would like to develop TCG site like http://tzumainn.com/agot/.
I watched Video Tutorials and I got how I should write a code. My only problem is to set up application framework where I will add and develope modules like: search engine, deck section, trade etc. Can anyone help me how I can organize this?

Create controllers for each "feature" that your site will offer. These controllers will go in application/controller. You can create subdirectories as well to separate code if you want.

OK and then how combine them together?

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
Quote:OK and then how combine them together?

Hyperlinks Smile

Actually, look at the apps the community has released (BambooInvoice, Open Blog, DBlog, et al) and see how it's done.

Ok, so I'll keep trying... This is MVC on the Web, at least as CI sees it:

1.) The front controller (index.php) handles the request for the server;
2.) The Router routes the request to a Controller;
3.) The Controller sees that a logical response is served by:
a.) Requesting data from models,
b.) Performing operations with libraries/helpers,
c.) Loading Views, which output to the browser,
d.) Doing any cleanup/post-output operations

Note that caching may happen early on (and often).

In fact, the user guide covers this already http://ellislab.com/codeigniter/user-gui...pflow.html (I actually wrote my version before looking back here for a reference. Guess it's almost ingrained in me at this point)

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