Using Form to Insert data into Table -- please help

I really want to use the MVC programing struction of CI

I learn best by example
thats how I learn the pagination feature
someone here was kind enough to provide code

Now ...

I would like to know if someone can provide me the code
for a very simple form to insert data into a table
which only has 3 fields


the idea is to use a form (using CI from validations, and strct CI form tags)
to insert data into my database table

each entry must be check to make sure each username field value is unique
the same for phone field -- both must be unique.

I really want to use a model to insert data into the table

here are the facts

Database = friendsdb
table name = "friends"
table fields are:
id - enumrates
username - must be unique
phone - also must be unique
notes - text


So.. if someone can provide the .....

CODE FOR THE CONTROLLER (which we can call "Buddies")




Please -- I really would be grateful

ps: please test your code before submitting, as I will use to learn, and if there is any bug it will confuse me.

Hi Jpriesto,

You really can find great examples of all these solutions if you search the forums.

I agree on learning by example, and the current offerings of code in the ignited code area, and wiki are great resources to learn by example.


i cant find -- anywhere -- of any ci tags that checks and prevent double entries

for example, how do you prevent a user_name from being entered twice

i can code it in regular php

but how can ci make it easier?

You will not find a double_entry check routine built into codeigniter, that's functionality that we ourselves have to develop/extend.

However it's very probable that 1 of the existing auth libraries has this built in.

Quote:i can code it in regular php

The only difference to regular php is that you will be using codeigniter's database functionality and organising your code into mvc. Perhaps using a form validation callback to check database for current username.

Quote:but how can ci make it easier?

App layout / organisation / less code due to use of existing base libraries etc.

See the documentation, everything you ask is explained in it + examples.

If you follow the example in the usererguide you should be on your way. To check if an username already exists you could write a callback. The callback could pass the username to a model, which checks if the username is already present in the database.

This way if you ever needed this function again, you already have the code ready for reuse.

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