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Well, you never know with you, especially with a name like Evil
And when you're joking, you should put either Smile, Wink or Tongue lol

donot reply if it doesnot concern u.
@ dam1an..sorry

This is already resolved but I am bored and will throw in my 2 cents anyway. After using Zend Studio 5.x for years, I deplore using Eclipse. No, I do not want to setup every website for which I collaborate with other programmers/designers on my laptop! I like just getting in there and getting it done. Often I work on a few files at a time. I hate the Eclipse project model. Okay, this isn't very helpful (besides, you can't get ZS 5.x anymore anyways. I have ZS 6 based on, you guessed it, Eclipse and I hate it too!)

Editors I do like (that you can stil get):

Komodo is great (but pricey too, but at least it's not Eclipse based.)
Jedit and Notepad++ are great and free with ftp clients (but no autocomplete.)

Anyways, for what it's worth.

I have no issues using a WYSIWYG editor if it saves me some time (I do very little design and layout these days anyways) and since I work for an employer with CS3/4 licenses, I really like Dreamweaver. However, it doesn't have autocomplete either.

@bretticus, you can use eclipse without the project model, I just drop files into the editor window and it works as normal (although you can't jump between other files as they're not link)

I actually really like the project structure in Eclipse Smile

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
donot reply if it doesnot concern u.

Don't participate here if you can't handle a little banter.

Oh, and Eclipse FTW!

I just came accross another eclipse plug-in (got to love the pluggable nature of Eclipse) via reddit which has WYSIWYG functionality. I've not tried it, but definatly worth looking into. Oh, and it uses the Mozilla rendering engine, so it's got to be good.

And Colin, well said Smile
I know I'm not the only one who does dev work full time as well as helping out here, and it's good to have some banter like this to take your mind of code Smile

Edit: i just noticed it actually costs money :-S lol

I have been using PHPed from NuSphere for a while and love it. It has code completion which helps a ton when building sites. It will pick up on all your libraries, helpers, controllers, etc and and offers auto-complete showing you the available methods and properties etc. It does cost a bit but worth every penny once you get into large projects with many controllers, models and libraries. Also if use the PHPDoc Documentation style it will pick up on it and show you those details. That helps when you've written tons of code and can't remember the exact details of a particular method. Check it out at NuSphere.

I have import some CI abbreviation from inType to Jedit.
I have found good configuration of Jedit plugins in Internet (source http://blog.zabiello.com/2007/01/30/jedit-for_rails).
If you would like to test just download a full configuration from


Installation is very simple.
Windows XP
1. Download and install Jedit.exe
2. If exist, delete directory C:\Documents and Settings\username\.jedit
3. extract jedit.zip to C:\Documents and Settings\username\
you should have
C:\Documents and Settings\username\.jedit

I suggest to install MySQL, VisualSVN server and TortoiseSVN

You could also use Netbeans.

yes, but I prefer a snippets in TextMate style not clickable.

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