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Form validation: Callback not changing the input value

Heh. Can you tell I've never used checkdate before?

OK, so just to confirm (because I get confused easily), is the callback being called at all, or not? A simple call to die() should make it clear if whether this is the case or not. Perhaps if you could zip up the relevant parts of your application and post them in the forum, someone might be able to test it for you. I'll bet it's something painfully obvious, but sadly, I can't figure out what it is.

I put an echo in the constructor of MY_Form_validation and it is executing

I've attached a tar.gz with the controller, MY_Form_validation and view files along with MY_form_helper, which generates the date dropdowns.

The solution to my issue is that the "callback_" prefix is NOT USED for callback functions defined in MY_Form_validation.php (or, presumably, in any other library.

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