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Webpage has expired

I have a problem with a form in my website. It's just a simple form with checkboxes and when submit, it goes to a page called "detail" and there it catches the values and does some calculations on it with javascript. This all works perfectly in safari, firefox, IE6 but NOT in IE7 :-(

I always get an error "Webpage has expired". Anyone has any idea how i can solve this? It's really annoying :-(

Thanks in advance!

[eluser]Evil Wizard[/eluser]
Could it be possible that some of your client side scripting is not compatible with IE7? can you not do the calculations on the server and let the browser handle the display?

So it would be better to calculate everything in php and than just echo to the screen? You think that is my problem?
Thanks for your answer by the way!

By the way: the url of my calculator is:

It works perfectly in Safari, Firefox and IE 6...

[eluser]Evil Wizard[/eluser]
It is quite possible, however, are you sending any php headers?

No i'm not sending any headers (i think :-))

Did you see the page?

[eluser]Evil Wizard[/eluser]
I had a look at the page, it doesn't seem to be sending any other headers and I looked at the javascript, I think I remember an issue with IE and getElementById, I mean prototype is not bad, but scriptaculous, I would recommend looking into jQuery

Maybe i can try deleting the redirections to prototype and so on and check if the calculator works than...
Thanks for your help man!

SUPER! It works now!!
Thanks a lot man! Now i can check on which page i am and when i'm on the page "calculator" it shouldn't load the javascript files because they're not necessary on that page.

You're the best!

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