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Setup Codeigniter - How to Make It Work?


I am new to CodeIgniter.

I have been trying to setup CI to run on several hosts.

Not one has worked so far!



The tutorials on CI seemed to say that all you have to do is
set your BASEURL---and then you should be able to see the welcome page.

I have NOT gotten that to work once yet!

I tried several hosts and it did not work!

What I Did:

$config['base_url'] = “http://apple.com/CI/” ;



Put index.php in CI.



Is this correct?



There is a lot of talk about HTACCESS. But is that necessary
to bring up a welcome page?

The HTACCESS seems to vary from host to host.

It seems you have to Google around in the HOPES of finding the right HTACCESS file--and then try it.

Is there any better way?



Once you have the welcome page up and running, all you need to do
is define your database settings, you should have a working system--
to start testing sample applications---correct?

Is there any other setup that needs to be done?


Thanks for your help!


There are several video tutorials on the Codeigniter site that may help you get started. Along with a brand new video that was posted today by Jeffrey Way on Nettuts.


Check these out and if your still having problems, check back in and I'll try to help you


Hello Jdfwarrior,

Thanks for your reply.

I am running DIALUP--so I cannot watch VIDEOS.


I am simply asking whether the above setup is correct.

It did NOT work on several hosts.


Thanks for your help.


What server are u using for it, and what is the actual domain you are using it on. I assume your not actually setting the base_url as apple.com/CI

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