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A complete application Tutorial in CI: please register your interest and contribute ideas

Hi Everyone,

I am planning to develop a tutorial for all CI followers, by doing a complete application from start to finish. The plan is to do a video version as well as well as a text version.

I don't plan to do just a simple blog or everyday tutorial, hence looking for some interesting ideas, so please throw some ideas and lets choose something which will give us all a bit of learning.

The reason behind this is, i have come across a lot of posts from people where they would like to see and learn something from scratch to finish. Open source community has played a great role in my personal education and development and I suppose i should contribute back.

I am going to throw a quick tutorial on Object Oriented Programming in general very soon and stay rest assured i am not going to talk Animal Classes Smile will definitely be something which will make sense and hopefully will set a good foundation at-least conceptually and in the mean time hopefully we will be able to decide what we want to build.

Looking forward,

What about a simple warehouse administration app? You can show these concepts that everyone new to CodeIgniter could use:
-add/edit/delete inventory (models and basic CRUD)
-item lookup by one or many filters (the "catch-all" lookup query)
-pagination for item lookup
-system users (login, authentication, cookies and sessions)
-basic security levels for system users
-user photos and barcodes, maybe sent to PDF for printing
-On the presentation side, a menu, content and footer (to show how to load multiple views)

A lot of diverse concepts that can quickly take someone from zero to a good intermediate level.

Request of functionality sounds good, however need more ideas on the kind of application.

Just for the new readers so far i have been proposed two things:

1. A shop management application
2. A warehouse management application

p.s. the two above are kind of very similar in a way.

Looking forward for more suggestions, and in the end will run a poll.


hi everyone,
so far i can see no one interested, i was thinking there would be a lot of people out there (reading from threads) who would like to go through a step by step from start to launch. Anyhow seems like i was wrong in my understanding.
I will leave the offer open for a week.


I'd love to see the warehouse example!

Good luck!

The community is needing this BADLY!
I'm stuck with CI because I don't have a complete application to learn on.

[quote author="Lobosque" date="1249160363"]
I'm stuck with CI because I don't have a complete application to learn on.[/quote]

If you need a complete application right now to look at, take a look at bamboo invoice

Please develop tutorial about facebook like advertisement management system

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