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back button/link

In my program i first get some values to prefill a form which user then submits to view some data. I put in hiddenfields the values that the function which pre-fills the form uses. I have a anchor()-function which links back to that prefill function and i use concat to pass the values which is are then readed uri segment. Is this a normal way of doing this kinda thing?

If I understood you correctly, you are wanting to retain the filled out form while at the same time allowing a user to preview the results of the form submission.

If that is the case, you could just make a view (or preview) button open the results in a new window. That way, the only thing necessary is to close the results window and click the submit button.

If I misunderstood, I apologize.

thx for reply. Yes that what i want to do but i dont want to open more popup windows. I also got the idea that i could store the form values in a session and add if/else to the controller form function so then i dont need to use hidden fieds and the back link also only need the name of the control and function not those values. Would that be a better way to make that happen?

Also regarding to popups in codeigniter there is a function for that anchor_popup() but no function for closing popup window. So now i am doing like this in one of my program:

-mainwindow has an table with data where you can open a popup if you want to update the data in mainwindow
-popup window has a form(view1)
-user fills that and submits the form
-function that handels that form have an if/else to check if the form is submitted
-function to update is called and after the update same function writes to session array what was updated
-then i call view2 that only has javascript to close the popup and refres the mainwindow

I do this cause thats seem the only way to get the main window to refresh and to get the updated data written in to a session array.

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