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Starting with CodeIgniter setup: suggestions & best practices

[quote author="Aken" date="1354062391"]CI's active record isn't an ORM. Setters and getters aren't helpful in its case. (Also, __call() is meant for methods, not properties.)

There's no set date for 3.0's release.[/quote]
class   User_model  extends  CI_Model{
//  construct //
    public function getUsers($params)
// $params = array('username','email','website'); //  is stupid to  ask for  md5[password] :)
      $this->data->getUsers =  $this->db->select($params)->get('users')->result();
class User  extends CI_Controller {
//  construct //
   function  listAllUsers()

//ListingUsers  html
foreach($this->data->getUsers  as $users)



That was my idea. I wanted to show you . Smile And tnx... I dont know why i write __call instead __set. Just my bad Smile

Excellent post thanks. I've been using Codeigniter since May 2012 and it's amazing how much you learn so quickly, but also how much there is still to learn from others.

Hey Jelmer,
Just found out that dhorrigan has change of identity and now calls himself dandoescode. HIs github page has changed and the uh-oh link is a 404 now.

Please update


Your post is very good for CI beginners .

Can you please explain which ORM library is good for CI ?


Thanks Smile, It was really good..

[eluser]Mudasir Nazir[/eluser]
Thank you jelmer
thank you for mking this easy for us.



That’s a really good post, thank!
CodeIgniter = compact + powerful
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I was so happy choice of programming CodeIgniter 2 years ago.

Nice post! I'm new to CodeIgniter and trying to know more about this framework. Thanks for your grate post!

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