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will CI work for me?

Should I use Codeigniter ????

what i need..

User signs up for an account and has an individual site created automatically that they use with their domain name. All sites hosted on the same server.

The key is simplicity, so don't think I am looking for a fully bloated CMS like drupal/wordpress etc. I want fool proof.

Should I be looking at flat file or MySql - after site has been set-up and text/ images added there will be limited future changes - it is not a blog; neither will there be comments,

Should each site be independent or can I run multiple sites off one central database

User will have very limited options, they don’t need to be able to add new custom pages, nor worry about administrator setting, SEO friendly URL’s, 404 pages, all that will pre-defined. I will design the site and they basically have a copy, but just change the text and images.


Sign up for account - user / password / security question (only one login per site) – email activation.
Creates blank site with full functionality under a sub domain – will have their domain name pointed to the sub-domain to make a fully functional independent site.
Recover password - enter email & answer security question, reset password link emailed to your email account.
'remember me' cookie option so you don’t have to log back in very 5 mins if you leave the page, but with a time limit so it logs out after say 30 mins.

Site will consist of a total of 7 pages, each with a different format.
Ability to select which of the 7 pages show on the site, all or just some.
Ability to change menu bar title text, and order of the menu bar.
Menu bar will reflect which of the 7 pages are selected to be shown.
Content is managed simple buy typing text into 'textareas' - there will be no WYSIWYG editor, all content will be pre formatted. I want it fool proof.
Ability to change themes, or just colour scheme..... using different style sheets..radio buttons to select in admin area?

One of the pages will be a photo gallery
Photo upload, resize, thumbnail - lightbox style photo gallery, with picture description,
Ability to change order of images

If your question is can CI help you develop this faster then without a framework? The awnser is: Yes.

CI is not a Wordpress stripped down, you'd have to develop it yourself. CI is a framework to help you do that.

I'd say go for a database, flat files never really work well with larger quantities of data + databases are pretty much easier to use and very well supported by CI.

[eluser]Adam Griffiths[/eluser]
I think if you're asking the question to use flat files or MySQL, the real question you need to ask is "Can I build this myself?".

Judging by your question you are either not a developer, not an experienced developer or simply inexperienced with CodeIgniter and the notion of PHP Framework.

But to answer your question, yes you can build the system you need in CodeIgniter — you just need to know how.

Should each site be independent or can I run multiple sites off one central database ??

[eluser]Adam Griffiths[/eluser]
[quote author="pat242" date="1250032682"]Should each site be independent or can I run multiple sites off one central database ??[/quote]

That's totally down to you as a developer. But it will be depend on the number of sites you expect to be running and the traffic each site will get.

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