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Page disapears after login - cache problem?

Hi everyone,

I'm quite new to CI and it's been the answer to my prayers so far, but I've just come across a problem I've no idea how to fix because, as far as I'm aware, I'm doing no caching at all anywhere in the site.

The site is here - it's been working lovely so far up until I started to develop the admin side. What's happening is, everything is OK up until I login; after I enter the username and password I get redirected to the admin side, and the page shows just after I login. Then, if I refresh or leave the page, the whole site stops showing - it just shows a blank page! I know this suggests an error somewhere in my code, but I can't understand why it works and suddenly stops after reloading the page - the only conclusion I could think of is caching.

Anyway, I made three models: one for the template, form data and users. Here's a basic dir/file structure of the site:

+ application
  + controllers
    + admin
      - home.php
    - contact.php
    - home.php
    - login.php
  + models
    - form_data.php
    - template.php
    - user.php
  + views
    + admin
      + home
        - ctrl_panel.php
    + public
      + home
        - main.php
      + login
        - login.php
        - recover.php
Seemed pretty straight forward, all the models are autoloaded and everything is ready to rumble, so to load the homepage I use:

$this->template->loadView('public', 'home/main', $this->data);

The loadView() function loads the common header/footer files and the main display file by using param1 of loadView as the group (i.e. public); param2 as the file path within the group, and param3 as optional data array, so you basically end up with a new load->view() function to automatically load a few more files and to set a bit more default data.

Here's a few examples just to be a bit clearer:

$this->template->loadView('public', 'home/main');
Outputs the contents of:

$this->template->loadView('admin', 'home/ctrl_panel');
Outputs the contents of:

If anyone could possibly shed some light on what might be happening or possibly tell me I'm doing it all wrong, I'd welcome the help!


You should paste your controller code. try this
it will output any error

Hi man thanks for the reply,

This is what I mean though, it's set to max error output and I still just end up with nothing. It works just fine up until I login, here's some of the code:

... and while pasting the code I found the problem ... oops I had a mistake in the user model:


instead of:


Never mind.. thanks for asking me to paste the code!


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