[Resolved] working with wordpress ??

[eluser]Zeeshan Rasool[/eluser]
hi friendz, i need some information about wordpress I developed a website using CI now im converting it into wordpress So how can i do this I mean wordpress is same as fascebook development? they provide you a api key and Also can wordpress development be done offline??
Or it require internet connection for development Or you can do it widout it?

Wordpress is a stand alone CMS, very easy stuff really. Similar to Joomla if you've heard of that but probably more basic.

You need to install the SW on your own server and connect to your database etc. most people develop online but you could develop off line and upload the files after??

I think the best thing might be to go to www.wordpress.org and read generally there, and check out plugins, which is their way to develop for WordPress.

However, it really depends what your CI site does, because WordPress is heavily aimed towards blogging, static pages with dynamic modules, personal publishing etc. If that's what your CI site does then go ahead, but otherwise a more powerful CMS might be needed, like ModX.

[eluser]Zeeshan Rasool[/eluser]
thanks dude , actually i have a simple site and need to changed in WP blog.

[eluser]Will Cheung[/eluser]
IMHO, best way to do this would be to concentrate on converting content data format rather than heavy rewriting.

kurucu is correct in stating that Wordpress is primarily a blogging platform with facility for page display.

My advice is for you to install Wordpress onto your local development machine, having a look at the table structure for posts in the backend and then think about converting that content that is currently in your CI site? In the past, when clients ask me to do stuff like this, I find that text processing tools and Microsoft Excel (oddly enough!) are very good for this sort of thing!


[eluser]Zeeshan Rasool[/eluser]
thanks Will, i need to implement a Blog section into my CI site so can yu tell me hows?
i have done like this..
-copied WP into my CI folder
-create DB
-install WP

kindly tell me that
- either i shud create a new theme or modified current ?
- does i have to upload all wp folder files with my site?
- Also can i need 2 admin one for my site and other for wp blog which we have already ?

Note : i want to integrate wp blog into my site


If ou wanna to integrate WP blog system into your site you should thing about to change visual template of WP - i mean to make it similar to your main site theme

[eluser]Zeeshan Rasool[/eluser]
ok but how can we link it to my site's header links. I mean when i click on blog link in my site then it lead me to wp blog.
Will we make an external link for this situation?

i'm really beginner in CI but in my opinion everything that you make outside CI should have external link; the fact is that you will have to put WP into some other dir because it has own index.php file eg. blog

Here's my query from my wordpress model for getting the last X many posts... WP has a funny way of putting everything in as few tables as possible...

SELECT post_title AS title, CONCAT('$blog_url', post_name) AS url, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(post_date) AS time, 'blog' AS type FROM `wp_posts` WHERE post_status = 'publish' AND post_type = 'post' ORDER BY post_date DESC LIMIT $count

In the above example, $blog_url would be something like "http://www.renownedmedia.com/blog/".

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