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Making a pop up

Hi first of all, as im newbie, want to know if to make a pop up i must use MVC. What iñve done: i made a link from an image to my controller and from there i call the view, that have a javascript rutine to make the pop up.
That rutine locally runs well. Wen i upload it it doesnt works...
here is the url if anyone wants to see it.


Thanks for your help

Pleast post the code of your controller.

hi i post the three parts that interact:


class Popup extends Controller{
function pop(){


function abrir(direccion, pantallacompleta, herramientas, direcciones, estado, barramenu, barrascroll, cambiatamano, ancho, alto, izquierda, arriba, sustituir){

var opciones = "fullscreen=" + pantallacompleta +
",toolbar=" + herramientas +
",location=" + direcciones +
",status=" + estado +
",menubar=" + barramenu +
",scrollbars=" + barrascroll +
",resizable=" + cambiatamano +
",width=" + ancho +
",height=" + alto +
",left=" + izquierda +
",top=" + arriba;
var ventana = window.open(direccion,"venta",opciones,sustituir);


and the image that i want people to click in order to open the pop up

<a href="../../../../deomnibus/index.php/popup/pop/">
<img src="http://pruebasia.com.ar/deomnibus/img/asistencia_telefonica.jpg">


Please wrap [ code ] tags around the sample code!

If I click on the image, I get this error message:
Quote://class Popup extends Controller{ //function pop(){ //} //}
404 Page Not Found
The page you requested was not found.

It seems as if you commented out these lines?!

But why do you need another controller for the popup?
Just put the javascript into the page where the image is!

I dont comment that, it change when i copy paste it.
I see that error msg too. and i don`t know why it doesnt woork. Before in an other try i have put the javascript in the image page as you said as the ´common way´ to do it. The pop up apears but it doesn´t find the webpage that is the pop up is (when i open the pop up, i open another page with an image). There another 404 message apears too.

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