In WEB development WOrld!!!

Fellow developer.,.
I have one thing, i need to ask:
In WEB Development World(language=PHP);
->What is the best Operating System to use???

[eluser]Tom Schlick[/eluser]
for server or desktop? if you asking desktop you are starting a vicious vicious os battle here in which mac osx will win everytime Smile

its for desktop,.!! since im developing web applications..,
I just want to know, the best OS that a certain developer may prefer,.
or What OS use by most PHP Web Developers,??

stop! being.,.,.!?!?! a internet ereet newb and talk like a normal person please -- you'll get more respect (and answers) that way.

Now, to answer your question: it's up to you.

You have basically 3 choices Mac, Windows and Linux.

For the most trouble free system with loads of support all over the net go with pretty much any distro of Linux.

If you must have Windows, then dual boot so you can play Crysis if you need to.

Something else to keep in mind when it comes to Linux vs windows or mac is that on Linux most needed php modules, pear modules, etc, etc is usually just a 'yum install something' or an 'apt-get install something' on the command line away -- and almost always free!

Of course there is always the awesome third option: Virtual Machine install of Linux using either virtual box or VMWare Workstation -- they even offer a free VMWare Server that can be installed and ran locally.

something else to consider: Windows doesn't support Git directly. Linux and OSX both support GIT and SVN at the command line... not sure how to install on MAC but in debian based systems its 'apt-get install subversion' or 'apt-get install git' and a few seconds later you are ready to go.

As for OSX...I won't put my opinion of Macs and Apple in general in this post, because I have done so in the past and that was enough for me.

openSUSE: use kate to edit files and gimp if someone forces you to do graphics. Thats it! Beware of hackintosh and windoze. ;-)

Thanks Guys! but I already got my choice.

Can you tell me whats your choice is and why you choose it; it will be clear to everyone by sharing your knowledge about OS.

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