IDE's with debuggers that actually work with CodeIgniter

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Just a quick update...

I recently switched my desktop PC environment entirely over to Ubuntu Linux 9.10 (kicking myself for not doing this earlier) and in the process installed the latest Netbeans 6.8 with PHP 5.2.9. Had to install xDebug from scratch again.

Well despite the issues I was having with Netbeans 6.8/xDebug on Windows, NONE of those issues have surfaced at all with the Linux version. Its working absolutely perfectly, so I'm stoked. Finally I have the latest Netbeans (which is a joy to use BTW), a secure and fast desktop OS and I'm writing & debugging away. Highly recommend this setup.


Quote:It also does inline syntax warning, has SVN support integrated, does CodeIgniter intellisense, CodeIgniter code highlighting, CodeIgniter autocompletions, has templates so you don't have to build 'every Controller, method and view' by hand but just let Netbeans create them for you and programmable shortkeys which I use a lot.

This means that when I type:

and press 'TAB' it changes this to:

How did you set up all that? I couldn't figure it out, I've been using netbeans for a while too but so tired of typing $this->db etc... all the time lol


There is only one real debugger: xdebug

There are whole bunch of different IDE's that can be used with Xdebug.
As I'm a big fan of notepad++ - I use dbgp plugin for Notepad++ with Xdebug
for php debugging.

As for [removed] firebug is IMHo the best

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