How to extend Model multiple times?

[eluser]Burak Guzel[/eluser]
[quote author="BrianDHall" date="1253161622"]I think your code is actually quite excellent - it is so intuitive that I really thought that was how CI worked to begin with - that is, that it would automatically try to get the definition for the class being extended. I guess this is a limitation with PHP4 compatability, but I don't know OOP well enough to say.[/quote]

__autoload function doesn't exist in PHP4, so they don't have it in CI.

[eluser]Carlos G[/eluser]
works great!!

i even have extend it to can autoload the libraries

function __autoload($class) {
    if (file_exists(APPPATH."models/".strtolower($class).EXT)) {
    } else if (file_exists(APPPATH."controllers/".strtolower($class).EXT)) {
    } else if (file_exists(APPPATH."libraries/".strtolower($class).EXT)) {

thanx, i dont use php4 so this solution is good enough for me

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