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SyntaxCMS - A modular CMS built for clients

[quote author="ray73864" date="1254714715"]Few things missing that would be nifty features, parent-page relations (at least down to 3 levels), and widgets (basically mini-modules for putting things in different areas of the page).
Those are some very good ideas I had completely overlooked. They have been added to the proposed feature list which can be found here: http://cms.syntaxmonster.net/forum/viewt...hp?f=8&t=2

[quote author="soran" date="1254718838"]
I tried installing it on my local machine but I got a few "Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated" errors.
Can you elaborate? Where did these come up (when installing? when viewing a page?)

[quote author="soran" date="1254718838"]
Would certainly be willing to help out.[/quote]
Excellent! The source is open so you can hack away, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask Smile

The download page is broken. Please update your download pages. I want to give it a try asap Smile

Terribly sorry about that, it's been fixed now - enjoy! Please note however, that the current released version is quite out of date now - a new stable will be released shortly, and we will have an unstable repo soon - we promise!

Please consider allowing access to the development code via a SCC (SVN, Git, etc)

That's exactly how we're going to host it (github or sourceforge most likely).

how about googlecode? they have git and svn repos (they have another one too but i can never remember the name of it).

Okay, after some geeks, here is my comments.
At the first glance, I can see Syntax CMS using HMVC library instead of Matchbox like PyroCMS.
Although the system quite mature, but it's still lack of module management tools.
For example, as PyroCMS, you write a module, upload it into the modules directory and refresh the cache.
For Syntax CMS, you just zip them up and upload through the admin page.
As of UI, I prefer SyntaxCMS to PyroCMS. Although both of them have their own pros and cons.
I'll manage to extend SyntaxCMS to adapt my requirements, like module upgrade, install, uninstall and all.
For Page module, which is shipped with the release code, it's too much bug. When I edit the page, it prints out lots of errors. And the validation rules is still missing.

Hi dinhtrung, the unstable version has a module management feature. Have you checked out the developer preview video of SyntaxCMS's new UI? What do you think of it? What cons do you see in the new version? I believe (not entirely sure) that the pages module has been fixed in the unstable version.

Hi SyntaxCMS Team.
I really like your design in SyntaxCMS. Actually, I'm going to build an application based on CodeIgniter, HMVC, Form Generation and DX Auth libraries. Your CMS set a good example for me to know how should I construct mine.
Here is my intention:
- The module management page should scan APPPATH.modules directory, to find module.info files, to know whether to install or upgrade the module, if possible.
- Every module can have an utils model to help activate, install, uninstall and disable.
- Module can have a static permission array, to construct admin portal navigation.

the website for SyntaxCMS seems to be down.

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