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Issue with redirect() - page refresh needed to see changes

I've written a shopping cart, and have separate functions for deleting items and emptying the cart, which redirect to the display basket function.

However, when I redirect the removed items etc. don't update in the basket until I manually refresh the page. I've specified the 'refresh' option in the redirect function, and that fixed the issue in IE 6, but Firefox 3 is still not showing changes until I force it.

Any ideas as to why this is? This problem has only cropped up since I moved the site from a local Windows XAMPP installation to Redhat 5 LAMP. On the test machine I didn't have any problem with refreshing whatsoever.

Many thanks

Just an update - I've been investigating myself, and I think it's to do with the more aggressive caching policy Firefox has taken since version 3. Others have reported that even if you try to force it with no-cache headers, it ignores them (and this has been reported as a bug). Still searching for a solution.

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