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After searching a lot on Google, I found an IDE that specifically targets CodeIgniter. It provides intellisense for CI libraries, and helper functions. You try it out. It's free as well.

Check this screenshot...


Please don't think I am a spammer or advertising this product. All I am doing is sharing this CI specific IDE with you. If you are interested then go ahead and try it. Otherwise leave it.

After using this IDE, it looks like many features are similar with Visual Studio.

Yes, we regularly get advertisements about this editor.

Interestingly the advertisements rarely mention any of the following facts:

a) it's free only in the sense that they don't charge for the base product,
b) it's not free in the classic, useful, rms sense of the word free,
c) the codeigniter plugin is not free in any sense of the word,
d) it doesn't run on GNU/Linux or OSX (which is a tad disingenuous),
e) indeed it [url="http://www.codelobster.com/download.html"]apparently[/url] runs on any version of Windows except the current one.

Yes you are right but I think these things are not hidden. Everyone can read this stuff on there website.

As far as CI plugin is concerned, I read the same thing that it's not free. But recently I installed it and using it and it's giving me full CI intellisense. It didn't even asked for any fee yet Tongue

It's a curious thing - we rarely get people popping in and saying 'after searching on google, I've found {aptana, quanta, e, textmate, eclipse, netbeans, etc} and it's really good'. One of life's great mysteries.

Anyhoo ...

[quote author="iFadey" date="1257114536"]
Yes you are right but I think these things are not hidden. Everyone can read this stuff on there website.

Even google can't find the place on their site where the licence is defined. The only reference I could find was that the phpBB software they're using is released under the GPL.

Again, somewhat disingenuous - to run phpBB (free in both senses), which is written in PHP (free in both senses) on top of a GNU/Linux system (free in both senses) in order to flog a product aimed at programmers, but a) not provide their customers with access to the source, and b) arbitrarily limit those customers to using a non-free operating system.

But I feel that we're about to go in circles here. If you think that you've discovered something fantastic - and are happy to pay up for the privilege of suffering these limitations - good for you.

First of all if you don't want to use it then leave it. Who is forcing you to use it? As I mentioned above I only shared this because I liked it. Why are you getting angry? Sad

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