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Problem with _remap function (trying to redirect) [SOLVED]

or you could use cookies if the username is found in the cookie then redirect them to the profile if not show the default guest page

Hi Brian,

So something like:

$route['^(?!login|home|register).*'] = $route['profile'] . "/$0"; ?

Also: I've already created a blacklist table in my DB to reserve names Smile



[quote author="andrewtheandroid" date="1257460231"]hey tom


under enabling query strings you could try to enable it so you can go


but other than that I think it's prob better to make a different controller because what you are affectively doing is logging in without a password yeh?

so you could do

root.com/profile/username then in ur "profile" controller have ur code there.. use the segment() function go get ur username and if it doesn't exist redirect them to home.[/quote]

Hi Andrew,

I already have a profile controller, i just want to shorten the URL's as well Smile

Awesome - got it working.

Thanks guys!

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