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Two bugs in the docs (crop & missing distinct title page)

Developing a CMS, when I intend to crop an image I found one solution to my problem reading the php code of a library instead reading docs.

The problem is: if you would like to crop an image that doesn't respect the aspect ratio it will never have the correct dimensions.

You have to disable the option: maintain_ratio.

Seems logical but in the docs shows that this property only affects to resize, but in the init function always do this:
         * Should we maintain image proportions?
         * When creating thumbs or copies, the target width/height
         * might not be in correct proportion with the source
         * image's width/height.  We'll recalculate it here.
        if ($this->maintain_ratio === TRUE && ($this->width != '' AND $this->height != ''))

And another issue for accessibility, would be better to show in the title of a page wich part of the docs I'm seeing. When I have the firefox with some CI docs tabs I cannot know wich page is each until I view the page.

I hope it will improve this great framework.

Please put bugs in the Bug Tracker as well as here. There is a special category for manual errors.

They are much more likely to be fixed if the devs don't have to go hunting for them.

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Thanks sophistry.

marcalj, I've added titles to every user manual page as you describe. You can get a copy of the new userguide out of the SVN and the amended files will be part of the next CI release.

As for your image library suggestion, could I ask you to take a stab at writing something that you find more logical. After that, I'll do a quick edit (if needed) and add into the manual.

Thanks for you time.

First of all, sorry for not respond this responds :-P

Now I continue developing websites and I will help more this framework.

I will check the docs for the image library and I will put a post in the bug tracker if it's necessary.

Thanks for all.

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