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Making Transactions dudes..

Hi, sorry for my english but i hope what undetstand.. xd

In my app, i build a process for what the users upload information in 3 steps (1 view for each step), i think what i can use transacction for handle this.. but i dont understand how i can use..

i think what i can do....

Step 1, the user select a information from combox, type other (3 box). (start transaction)
step 2, the user select files to upload.
step 3, the user paid. (stop transaction)

so if i use transaction.. i supose when initial the step 1, i call the controller and go to the model step 1 and start transaction.. and execute the insert.

but the question is?? when the user go to step 2.. go to controller and model function step 2.. and execute the insert.. CI know this insert its part to the transaction what init in the step 1? and the same dude if the user stay in the step 3? if he cancel the process.. the insert in step 1, and 2 are commited?


any can help me?


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