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Setting up shipping tables

So I am looking for advice, a point in the right direction or a system to use.

I have built several custom shops, but this time the client wants to have shipping set up by:


and have prices for calculating by:

amount of order
total weight of order
percentage of order

Now at first glance it seemed like an easy thing to do, but how to organize it is where I am having troubles.

Do I go by country then by (amount. weight, percentage) or the reverse

also, they want to be able to over ride the shipping method on a per user account basis. This is also quite easy, its just planning how to organize the entire thing.

any help would be appreciated.

If shipping is calculated by counry, you go by country. Not by weight or anything else. That you use an index on that column is a different story.

As for overriding, I would setup one table for the whole thing.

something like

Where who is a number that specifies who the record belongs to (company, user, default, the dog, whatever)
and who_id the ID belonging to who (again, company, user etc)

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