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After running a method dinamically reload same page?


I know this a simple task, but I can't figure it out how to do it.

In a Controller called 'site' I have a method like:
function languagesBackend(){
        //do something and..
        reload the view page where this method was called: in this case myPage.php.

In myPage.php view:
<a href="&lt;? echo base_url();?&gt;site/languagesBackend">English</a>
When I click on the link 'English' it will run site/languagesBackend method.
Then, how do I do to reload myPage.php.?
I need to do it dynamically since this link could be placed anywhere.


First of all, you should get current page URL and simply refresh it using redirect. Read User Guide.

No, that doesn't work. current_url returns the url of the controller being called, not the url of the page it came from. redirect(current_url()) called from within a controller returns an infinite loop error.

You want to instead run current_url in the previous controller, and pass it as a parameter to the second controller. Then redirect to that parameter.

I think urls should be linked to pages. Not to actions that don't have a page attached to them.
In this case: what you want to do is perform some action and reload the page.
Why not make it so that clicking the link submits a form to the page you are already on.
The form could contain just a single POST variable. Like set_language = english.

You could extend the Controller (make a MY_Controller) that checks in its constructor to see
if $_POST['set_language'] is set. If so, run the 'languagesBackend' method. Then the controller
will continue on as normal. This way it works in every controller.

Alternatively you could put this functionality in a model and simply autoload it.

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