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Routing improvement/recommendation on my current schema


I'm looking to improve my current routing/controller/method schema. I'm going to use real names of my current schema here in hopes of someone suggesting something more clever.

Essentially, my site is broken down into a front-end website for public surfers and a console end of the site for backend inventory management, etc.

Currently the user would login to http://site/console (console being a controller and having it's index() {} verify a user with a login form. )

If the user successfully validates, I want the URL schema to remain under console. So what I did was redirect the user to http://site/console/addvehicle/carinfo (my routing engine has this:

$route['console/addvehicle/carinfo'] = 'addvehicle/carinfo';

What kind of sucks, is for my addvehicle photos section (which is a form which you get passed onto if carinfo() {} validates) is another controller, photoupload.php which I have the following routes for:

$route['console/addvehicle/photos'] = 'photoupload';
$route['console/addvehicle/photos/upload']    = 'photoupload/upload';
$route['console/addvehicle/photos/get_photos'] = 'photoupload/get_photos';

It would be cool if I can do something more along the lines of:


I'm just not sure how I'd properly revamp that into controller/methods and routing due to lack of experience.

If anyone would be kind enough to help me out, that'd be great!

Thanks all.

- sf

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