how can i send sms in codeigniter

hi all

how can i send sms in codeigniter

what i need for that ?
gateway ?

plz help

thanks 4 all

Sending SMS depends on a variety of factors, some technical and some legal.

Codeigniter by itself will not send SMS without a gateway or modem with the requisite SMS plan and connectivity. Also, as I mentioned, in many regions, sending SMS in a commercial sense has requirements put forth by carriers.

If I were you since you obviously are new to the field, do a search for gateways and see who/what makes the most sense in your particular region.

[eluser]Christopher Blankenship[/eluser]
The first thing I would do is just as 2think states first look to finding a provider that offers API access. So to shortcut that for you I normally goto click the APIs link and search what I happen to be looking for then compare multiple providers of the service/s I am looking for. Hope you find this of some help for your situation.

thanks friends for helping

is there any libraries in codeigniter to use it ?

[eluser]Christopher Blankenship[/eluser]
To use SMS directly, no there is much more than just code there is hardware and other software involved. Tools for utilizing an API from a provider yes but limited and depends on the API. You have an XMLRPC Class and an XML Helper. For SOAP and curl api calls I suggest extending and adding as I did.

Most cell carriers provide an email address that can be used to deliver SMS messages.

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