HMVC vs MVC's speed and other advantages

I took a look over pyroCMS and HMVC extension in CI, but I really think HMVC performs a bit slower than CI's MVC.

I read than HMVC can be ported to another application easily, but I don't think you'll move and entire module to a different project. Is there any other hidden advantage when using HMVC, because I don't get it :roll:

Take a look here

I think I'll apply KISS principle - Smile)

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
HMVC will of course be a little slower than regular MVC. More stuff takes more time. It is a trade-off that gives you a much cleaner folder structure which gets VERY helpful for larger projects with a minimal difference in performance.

If I can find all my files considerably more quickly, who cares if it runs 0.0001 seconds slower?

Also, I am in the habbit of dragging modules around between applications. I have moved lots of code from PyroCMS to a custom-built internal CMS with great ease.

Give Modular Separation a try, it's great.

What about the models/libraries I want to use in multiple controllers? Will this plugin find them in /models or I have to copy-paste all inside that module?

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]

If it's so great why it is not included in the core ?

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Donna Kebabs are pretty cool but they aren't in the core either.

HMVC is great for building large applications but not every project will need it.

[quote author="Phil Sturgeon" date="1272239812"]
HMVC is great for building large applications but not every project will need it.
True , seems like you are convinced that the extension is great and you have your reasons .
Me, on the other hand , i believe that every application , how large it will be , can be maintained without libs like hmvc and be very well organized .

If the CI team includes something like this in the core , i'll use it but if it's something that tomorrow might be deprecated because the author moved to other framework, no thanks, i'll stick with CI MVC .

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Of course any application CAN be maintained without HMVC, that's not the point.

Modular Separation's original author wiredesign has stopped supporting it, so I picked up the torch. That's the fun of open-source. If you never use third party code over the possibility of its support being dropped then you are just making life difficult for yourself.

Modular Separation offers several improvements other than just a different folder structure. For example, the 404 routing is brilliant. Have a try then decide.

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