Routes problem

Hey, I have a little problem...

Say, if I wanted to go to a link: for example:

that would trigger the index function of the 'link' controller,
but say if I wanted to trigger a different function with this link, let's say 'function2'

then I could go to the config file and add to the routes array:
$routes['link'] = 'link/function2';

So that's all OK,
but now I want some parameters to add to that function, and the parameters come from the link...
how do I do that?

[eluser]Rob Gordijn[/eluser]
ok, a fast reply:

class Link {
  function function2($par1 = '', $par2 = ''){
    echo $par1.' - '.$par2;

now call Wink

[eluser]Jeremy Gimbel - Conflux Group[/eluser]
You might actually have to add something to your route:

$routes[‘link/(:any)’] = ‘link/function2/$1’;

Keep in mind that'll kill all the default routing to methods, and you'll need to create routes for each other method.

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