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automatically add some tabs to the beginning of my text which is getting from the database

the text from form----->post to a controller----->insert into database----->query in another controller----->pass through the second parameter of loadview function----->in another view, i echo it out, but found it was add some tabs at the beginning of the text. i donno which step cause this, anyone can solve this problem? great thanks.
another question, how can i remove these tabs? i use ltrim() to remove it ,but failed, i just donno what is the second parameter, i tried '\t' and '\t.', both failed.

oh geeeeeee!
i know what's the problem. i use dreamweaver to format the source, and it add some tabs to the beginning of the text.
i'm so silly~~~

Just for the records '\t' is not a tab! is just a backslash and a 't', to have it interpreted as a tab you need to use double quites, "\t" is indeed a tab. (same goes for newline, return etc)

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