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new here with a question on multilingual support :)

I am new to CI. I am a bit rusty on php (I am not a professional webdesign / developer) and I like the framework so far!

jsut a quick question: has anybody found a good tutorial explaining how to develop a multilingual website? (I need 1 asian language + 1 european). I've never done that before and I am not too sure on how to handle this... (I'd like a user to be redirected automatically to the correct language page if a session is alive or let him choose the language by clicking on a flag)


Use UTF-8 to take care of the character sets: phil sturgeon and elliot haughin made blogs which should get you up to speed. Then take a look at this il8n library.

hello n0xie. thanks for your reply.
The articles on UTF8 will be quite useful!

I am still a bit unsure about il8n.
I dont exactly understand how to make good use of it as I need to change images and text in my views depending of the language selected by the user... (selection should be recorded in a session variable I suppose for use next time)

if anybody can shed some light that would be great! Smile



this is what I do:
1) $this->config->set_item('language', $this->session->userdata('language')); // dunno if this is the way to go, but works for me
2) $this->lang->load('menu'); // then I load the lang files that I'm gonna use. 'Menu' for instance
3) echo lang('welcome'); // use the lang helper to fetch your lang vars

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