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New kID(E) on the block: PHPStorm

[eluser]Stefano G[/eluser]
Hello guys, having recently switched from PC to Mac I was looking for a multiplatform PHP IDE that could be a replacement/coworker for my best ever coding friend Eclipse and be a little better than the -in my opinio- average TextMate and CODA Mac IDEs.

I happened to find some very good reviews/opinions about JetBrain's new WEB/PHPStorm IDE that implements -while still in beta- a lot of interesting features like ZenCoding, debug, remote projects, Versioning systems integration and a lot more.

Codeigniter is (still) not fully supported (just via INCLUDE PATH) but they are also thinking about doing bundles for syntax hilighting and code completion for all the major PHP frameworks.

I am using it since a month now and I just wanted to shared my thoughts with you, no sponsoring no advertising, just a word to make this growing little gem known to CI community Smile

official page at JetBrains

Community page/blog

quick video review on nettuts+



Thanks for sharing, I will try it tomorrow

What's the difference between PHPStorm and Netbeans. They look awfully similar...

[eluser]Stefano G[/eluser]
@n0xie: I have used netbeans for Java development only (and got back to Eclipse veeery quickly); in my opinion WS it is a competitor for the editor you mentioned BUT if you have a look at its blog you can see some powerful features like CSS completion, JS completion, HTML completion even into literals (like innerHTML or [removed]) W3C validation on-the fly...

If you give it a try, you will feel very comfortable since the beginning.



[quote author="Stefano G" date="1274652354"]like CSS completion, JS completion, HTML completion even into literals (like innerHTML or [removed]) W3C validation on-the fly... [/quote]
These are all things that are there by default in Netbeans (if you install the PHP plugin). I'm just curious what the differences are.

[eluser]Stefano G[/eluser]
ok then you should definitely have a look at the blog and/or give the IDE a try Smile

A quick background here. Jetbrains are guys in poland who were ahead of the IDE refactoring trend. So, if this tool has PHP refactoring capabilities... then it could be much better than netbeans.

Vote here for PhpStorm CodeIgniter support

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